Milestone achieved: First-in-Human with the guidoo


A significant milestone has been reached. On December 19, 2023 the robotic assistance system guidoo developed by BEC Robotics was used for the first time in a first-in-human study to perform a biopsy on a patient. The intelligent robotic assistant guidoo increases the quality and efficiency of the intervention.

Credit: FGV

The guidoo has been continuously researched and developed in various projects, in particular as part of the ResearchCampus at the M²OLIE partners Fraunhofer IPA’s Clinical Health Technologies in collaboration with BEC Robotics. The application of the robotic assistant not only represents the first use case of M²OLIE in humans, but also an innovation boost in image-guided needle application. The study marks an important step towards completing the M²OLIE research objective and underscores the innovation potential of the collaboration between science and industry under one roof. The excellent research and industrialization of innovative technologies with the partners KUKA, Fraunhofer MEVIS, Siemens Healthineers was funded by the BMBF. A total of 15 patients are taking part in this pioneering study conducted in collaboration with the Clinic for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the University Hospital Mannheim.

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