Under the roof of the multidisciplinary M²OLIE research campus, partners from the fields of medicine, natural science, engineering, information science and business management work together in order to realise a patient-centred and time-optimised infrastructure as well as new methods for diagnostics and for the treatment of oligomestastasised patients in clinics. The M²OLIE Forschungscampus is open to new members. The cooperation between the partners is regulated on the basis of a multilateral partnership agreement. New partners may be admitted to the research campus with the unanimous agreement of all existing partners. To this end, a declaration to join the existing consortial agreement must be signed. Of course all partners within the research campus, existing and new ones, are equal.

  • The project internal use of all developed property rights is free for members of the M²OLIE Forschungscampus. For commercial use, there is the opportunity to use free non-exclusive property rights or to acquire an exclusive licence by paying a market premium.
  • Members of the M²OLIE Forschungscampus have access to the infrastructure of the research campus for all their research as part of the defined system of joint projects. Employees work in an interdisciplinary research environment in close collaboration with partners from industry and university research.
  • The partners of the M²OLIE Forschungscampus are allowed to use the “Forschungscampus” brand.

Admission Process:

  1. Contact the M²OLIE cluster management
  2. Request will be forwarded to project managers, meetings will be arranged
  3. Sign a confidentiality agreement with a letter of intent for cooperation on the research campus
  4. Apply for admission to the research campus
  5. Receive approval of all existing partners
  6. Sign the declaration to join the consortial agreement

If you are interested in working at the research campus or in case of any other questions, please get in touch with the M²OLIE cluster management.