M²OLIE Research Campus

M²OLIE Research Campus

The “Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M²OLIE)” Research Campus is one of nine currently funded research projects. As part of the “Forschungscampus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovation” competition, M²OLIE received an award from the Ministry of Education and Research on 25 September, 2012.

The close interdisciplinary cooperation with doctors, scientists, engineers, economists and IT scientists from six academic (universities and non-university research institutions) and 21 industry partners (large companies and small and medium-sized enterprises) seeks to establish a unique medical intervention environment for minimally invasive cancer treatments at the University Medical Center Mannheim. During this development process, M²OLIE aims to improve and supplement therapeutic procedures in the fields of radiology, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy with modern imaging methods, patient-specific radio-pharmaceuticals, robot-based intervention assistants and personalised therapeutic procedures. This variety of innovations, coupled with new examination and treatment methods and patient-specific therapies involves changing the processes both inside and outside the operating room. Part of the research project also involves optimising these transformed processes through a process management system. The development of this “intervention environment of the future” is the specific aim of the M²OLIE Research Campus.

“The research campus is another tool that enhances the new forms of cooperation prevalent in high-tech strategy – such as innovation alliances and leading-edge clusters. Similar to these, the Research Campus combines significant resources drawn from science and industry for research and innovation. Due to the jointly operated research location, they are, however, in comparison characterised by being in close proximity in a single location, commitment over long periods of time and by the special focus on application-oriented basic research.” Source

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This research project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Research and headed by VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH.

Our logo and what it means

The logo of the M²OLIE Research Campus symbolises the desired closed-loop process of the molecular intervention and the synergy of the various fields of engineering (blue), natural sciences (green), medicine (red) and business administration/information science (orange). The stylised M² represents the five lead and cross-sectional projects of the first funding phase. The implied molecular structure refers in turn to molecular intervention. The stylised M² is also inspired by the logo of the city of Mannheim (Mannheim² = Mannheim squared). M² is also adopted again in the naming of the Research Campus: Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment: M²OLIE.