Resource network for Startups & SME

On Tuesday, January 24, 2023, the administrative office invited all M²OLIE employees to learn about the INSPIRE platform. The INSPIRE platform bundles the resource network for the development and testing of (digital) health applications and medical technology products and provides facilitated access to real-lab environments. After the platform was established through a grant from the state of Baden-Württemberg, it is now being continued by the core partners in an unfunded, permanent regular operation and is run by the M²OLIE administrative office at the University Hospital Mannheim. In November last year, the meeting of the INSPIRE core partners already took place, where the cooperation was welcomed by all partners for an indefinite period of time. Following Prof. Dr. Maier‘s presentation at the M²OLIE seminar, there was then a guided tour of the INSPIRE Living Lab – the successful prime example of what the platform has to offer. The Living Lab, which is organizationally managed by Dr. Hannah Schlott, offers start-ups and SMEs uncomplicated access to everyday clinical care for testing, further development and certification of their applications.

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