Intellectual Property Rights for Innovation


Beitrag von Professor Dr. Patrick Maier, Leiter der Geschäftsstelle von M²OLIE

In MEDTECH4EUROPE, the Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M²OLIE) is a public-private research campus, partly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, with patient-oriented infrastructures to offer innovative tumour therapies in Mannheim, Germany. It creates a multidisciplinary research environment favouring close collaboration among different triple-helix using latest technologies such as robot-based intervention assistants, imaging methods, patient-specific radiopharmaceuticals to provide time-optimised treatments. The good practice highlights a path forward to manage research and intellectual property rights (free academic research and teaching, patents, licencing, exclusive commercialisation rights) that are regulated in the master cooperation agreement and in specific work package contracts.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Maier, Head of M²OLIE Administration Office, highlights the importance of having a transparent and clear framework for IPRs when conducting frontier health research at M²OLIE, “the translation of research findings into intellectual property rights is governed by four specific options, which are defined in the master cooperation agreement of M²OLIE. One of these options is chosen by the partners of each work package and is thus the basis of the appropriate work package agreement. It is very important to define the intellectual property rights by a discussion of all partners in advance that the interests of academic and industrial partners are equally fulfilled”.

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