IMT Market Place


Successful kick-off event: project scouting in the field of medical technology

The joint Institute for Medical Technology of Heidelberg University and Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (IMT) was founded in 2008 as a cross-university scientific institution by the rectorates of both universities. The IMT conducts interdisciplinary research and teaching in the field of medical technology and promotes young scientists. To mark the realignment of its thematic-scientific focus, the IMT’s board of directors held the “Markplatz” kick-off event on October 7. The aim of the event was to stimulate a more intensive exchange between the two universities, which should lead to new interdisciplinary cooperation projects. The program with short lectures by renowned experts from various fields of medical technology sparked a lively discussion beyond university boundaries and disciplines and showed that the idea of the “Marketplace” as an initial spark for diverse new projects was successful.