BioRN: Funding approval for the development and validation of the Health Axis Europe Partnering Platform (HAEPP)


Heidelberg (D) | BioRN, together with its project partners, has been successful with its application within the call „Internationalisierung von Spitzenclustern, Zukunftsprojekten und vergleichbaren Netzwerken“ (Clusters – Networks – International) from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).

The HAEPP project aims to bundle the innovative strengths of science and industry and will provide a new tool for international knowledge exchange, leading to facilitated technology transfer between academia and small and medium sized enterprises on the one side and global healthcare companies on the other.

The Health Axis Europe Partnering Platform (HAEPP) project partners in the HAEPP are BioRN, the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim, University Heidelberg (Research Campus M²OLIE), the Ci3 cluster Mainz and the Health Axis Europe cluster partners KU Leuven, Maastricht University and University of Copenhagen. The project partner starts January 2018 with the development and validation of the Health Axis Partnering Platform over a period of two years. The aim is the long-term implementation of the platform after this period.

The HAEPP has two key advantages over existing partnering and scouting models:

– tailor-made: only projects that fit the specific search profile of the global healthcare company are presented
– critical mass: projects are scouted from a large pool of innovators (not just regional, not just national but international scouting).

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Quelle: © Birgit Rogell, BioRN Freitag, 15.12.2017