Inspiring New Year Reception 2024 at the M²OLIE Seminar

9 January 2024

The M²OLIE seminar series kicked off this year with guest speaker Michael Sternberg, B.Sc. from the Chair of General Management and Information Systems at the University of Mannheim. With the title “Conceptualizing and testing a business model for M²OLIE”, Mr. Sternberg gave exciting insights into his research and opened up interesting perspectives for the Research Campus. The constructive discussion about the continuation of M²OLIE, which is becoming even more important with regard to the next possible funding phase, was particularly rewarding. The course has been set for a successful continuation and we are looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

The subsequent New Year’s reception provided an ideal opportunity to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere over drinks and snacks. A successful start to the year that encourages us to look back with pride on what we have achieved and look to the future with confidence.

Photos: Winter