M²OLIE’s goal is to turn cancer into a chronic disease


Press Release by the Spanish M²OLIE partner GMV

GMV’s research campus is applying robotics and precision medicine to take on the battle against oligometastatic cancer

GMV is the only Spanish firm among the 28 members making up the German research campus M²OLIE (Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment), now in its tenth year of fostering collaboration between clinical and technological research and industry. A team of physicians, engineers, computer scientists, economists, and data scientists is working to push the boundaries of conventional medicine and accelerate the application of personalized and precision medicine in cancer treatment, with robotics and information technologies as allies. Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, it aims to turn cancer into a chronic disease, and even in cases that currently have a poor prognosis, such as those with oligometastatic tumors, to provide patients with personalized, precise, and rapid treatments that provide a better patient experience.

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