AOn November 2, 2020, the first functional test took place at the Mannheim Research Campus M²OLIE. During this internal test run on the status of the M²OLIE closed-loop process, project members of the 29 participating partners from science and industry presented the innovations along the patient pathway.

Vision unVision and core process in M²OLIE is the closed-loop: A patient-centered and time-optimized infrastructure to enable innovative tumor therapies within the framework of a one-stop-shop. The M²OLIE functional test is an important instrument to determine the extent to which the innovative individual solutions are integrated into the overall process. The first test run on November 2 showed how far these innovations are already in place for the smooth running of the closed loop. Accompanied by Prof. Diehl and Dr. Rink, Prof. Stallkamp was exemplarily guided as a “patient” along the entire M²OLIE process on this day: from patient admission to diagnostics to final therapy measures and patient discharge. Special attention was paid to the interfaces between the different sections of the closed loop. During the second funding phase, these will continue to be integrated in a sustainable manner in order to enable a one-stop-shop for patients within a limited period of time. Due to the current Corona regulations, the test run took place without an audience, but with a live broadcast for all project participants, which ensured that all employees gained comprehensive insights into the overall concept. The subsequent workshop later this month will be used to discuss the presented results in detail and to define the action plan for the functional test next year. The annual functional test is an important instrument in M²OLIE, both to realize a first clinical trial on patients in the fifth year of the second funding phase and to strengthen the common vision of employees from science and industry of the Research Campus. 

Remote presentation of one of the many innovations during the M²OLIE Functional Test in the Intervention Room of the Future. Photo: M²OLIE/Nicole Kozlowski.