WE USE A MULTIDISCIPLINARY APPROACH TO WORK TOWARDS A COMMON AIM: Innovative tumour therapy by means of molecular intervention




The “Mannheim Molecular Intervention Environment (M²OLIE)” Research Campus is one of nine currently funded research projects, which as part of the “Forschungscampus – Public-Private Partnership for Innovation” competition received an award from the Ministry of Education and Research on 25 September, 2012. In June 2019 M²OLIE entered the second funding phase (2019-2024).

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On November 4th-5th, 2019, the “Image-Guided Interventions Conference (IGIC)” will take place for the fourth time.  The conference, which is jointly organized by the two research campi M²OLIE and STIMULATE, will be hosted by M²OLIE in Mannheim this November. This year’s main topic is digitalization in medicine. Please find more information on the conference website www.igic.de

The Aim of M²OLIE

The aim of M²OLIE is the establishment of a patient-oriented and time-optimised infrastructure for innovative tumour therapies by means of molecular intervention within the framework of a one-stop shop.

In a multidisciplinary development centre with partners from industry, research and public life new methods for molecular imaging, diagnostics and therapeutic intervention of oligometastatic patients in daily clinical practice are developed within the framework of three lead projects. In order to ensure the efficiency of the treatment in a smooth closed-loop process, a process model and a clinical trial management system to establish the organisational processes are set up simultaneously. This ensures that the entire process from patient registration to diagnosis to final treatment and discharge of the patient(s) can be performed in a limited period of time.

The close networking of medical research, natural sciences, engineering science, information science and business administration, and thus the overcoming of complexity barriers, ensures the success of M²OLIE’s concept.

M²OLIE – The Project.

The M²OLIE Closed-Loop Process starts with patient admission (top left). This is followed by the creation of the electronic M²OLIE patient file using the patient data from MIRACUM and a takeover by the automated process management with iterative passing through different treatment stages (multimodal (pre-)interventional imaging, automated biopsy, molecular biopsy analysis, individualized minimally invasive therapy). The therapeutic decision is made by the ad hoc tumor board (top middle) after the suggestion given by the digital expert system. The patient exits the closed loop due to discharge without or with subsequent drug therapy (top right). The blue area symbolizes the “data lake”, in which all data is stored, processed and made available as required.

The M²OLIE Closed-Loop Process.



Image registration in dynamic renal MRI—current status and prospects

Zöllner FG, Šerifović-Trbalić A, Kabelitz G, Kociński M, Materka A, Rogelj P Magn Reson Mater Phy (2019) https://doi.org/10.1007/s10334-019-00782-y


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