Guest Lecture @ M²OLIE SEMINAR

We are pleased to announce the following guest lecture at our virtual M²OLIE Seminar on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at 4 pm.

“The EU Innovative Medicines Initiative: A Public Private Partnership in Health”

Prof. Dr. med. Isabelle Bekeredjian-Ding, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut

The talk will cover the development of the Innovative Medicines Initiative as the world´s largest public private partnership in drug discovery and health. The speaker will address concerns and advantages of the collaboration of public and private sectors and how this model may be relevant for the future EU4Health program. The presentation will focus on the project portfolio in the area of infectious disease.

Isabelle Bekeredjian-Ding is the Chair of the IMI2 JU Scientific Committee and Head of the Microbiology Division and the new pandemic center at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut. She is a Medical Microbiologist and Immunologist and Associate Professor at the University of Bonn. Prof. Bekeredjian-Ding received Medical School training at the University of Heidelberg, Padova (Italy), and Mt. Sinai, New York and a PhD equivalent in T cell biochemistry. After postdocs in Dallas and Munich, and clinical specialization in Heidelberg, she served as deputy director of the Institute of Medical Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology in Bonn. Her research is focused on the immune response against nosocomial pathogens, vaccines and antibiotic resistance.